Tools & Resources

Your CRI/IMD enrolment includes a suite of workshop materials and resources that you will continue to use long after your training has finished.

Originally developed by psychologist and learning specialist Dr Robert Mager in collaboration with Peter Pipe,  your workshop materials include:

  • The New Mager Six Pack. This series of books informs the CRI approach, and is considered a key reference for educators, trainers and anyone serious about improving performance.
  • CRI Participant Manual*, Skill Checks & Self Evaluations
  • IMD Participant Manual*, Practice Packages, 'Blood Lines', Skill Checks & Self Evaluations.

There are also dedicated resources for the Manager's CRI Workshop.

*Digital version also provided.

Some materials are delivered to in advance of the first workshop, giving you the opportunity to learn about the thinking behind the methodology. This is an important part of the learning process, and we encourage you to devote time to reading through the 'six pack' books in particular. It also helpful to spend time thinking about training you have experienced, both as a learner and as a trainer.

Have some questions about whether CRI training is right for you?